GOOD DAY FOR: Guarding the henhouse, after Kentucky Fried Chicken installed the secret handwritten recipe for its fried chicken in a new high-security safe, following five months in an undisclosed location. The yellowed paper, signed by the Colonel himself, Harland Sanders, is invaluable to KFC’s brand identity. Only two unidentified company officials have access to the recipe, and KFC uses several suppliers to mask the makeup of its iconic herb-and-spice blend. (AP in Yahoo! News)

BAD DAY FOR: The gravy train, as the economic downturn has taken a toll on expense-accounted lunches. Some business associates are opting to meet at downscale eateries, such as McDonald’s, and some face awkward moments when the check arrives at finer restaurants. Not long ago, there was a polite scuffle to pay the lunch tab, but now it’s often a silent game of gauging relative worth. “It’s not like there is a look of relief on people’s faces when I reach out,” says film marketing consultant Terry Press, “but they are not grabbing for it, either.” (The New York Times)