Get the right wheels. You’ve found a snowy parking lot. Now you need a ride that can handle the snow. You’ll want a “rear-wheel drive with manual transmission, a few hundred horses under the hood, cheap tires, and a limited slip differential,” which keeps tires spinning at different speeds.

Ready and start. “Turn the steering wheel until it’s almost fully locked” to position the tires. With the clutch in, put the car in first gear and “hit the gas until you get up to about 3,500 rpm.”

Let the clutch loose. Remove your left foot from the clutch while jamming your right onto the accelerator “until you’re just below the redline.” Act fast to avoid burning out the clutch.

Ease up. Slowly lower your left foot onto the brake while keeping your right on the gas. This will “slow down the car enough” to steer and start all over again.

Source: Wired