The Church of Scientology’s “pharmaceutical-phobia” may have been “part of the short, sad story of Jett Travolta,” said Kevin Libb in the National Post. The official cause of death of John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s 16-year-old son has been determined to be due to a “seizure disorder,” and given that the Travoltas “are devout members of the highest stratum” of the Church of Scientology—which “frequently rejects brain-related diagnoses”—Jett’s “reported brain dysfunctions may never have had a proper medical diagnosis.”

It’s “incredible” how many people who know “so little are nonetheless diagnosing Jett Travolta’s supposed illness,” said Margery Eagan in the Boston Herald, “prescribing the correct treatment for that illness, and judging his devastated parents’ alleged failings.” Not only is this “creepy and vile,” but “judging celebrity victims” so viciously suggests a “whole new layer of entitlement” held by the public. Simply stated: Leave the Travoltas alone.

“My heart goes out to the Travolta family for their devastating loss,” said Kris Rasmussen in Beliefnet. But there are “some pretty big gaps in the details surrounding Jett's death.” The Travoltas “could do a great service” to other families facing similar challenges “by coming out and explaining Jett's condition and the treatment they decided to use.” It might also give them “peace from endless future speculation.”