GOOD DAY FOR: Spreading the cheer, after police in Milan donated nearly 90 pounds of choice beluga caviar to the city’s food kitchen and retirement homes. The $560,000 worth of caviar was seized in a smuggling raid, and the police realized the delicacy would go bad if it wasn’t eaten soon. “Everything that comes our way is very welcome,” said Father Virginio Colmega of Milan’s House of Charity, “even though most of our guests don’t even know what those little black balls are.” (Reuters)

BAD DAY FOR: Learning new skills, as the downturn in the economy has led to as much as a 20 percent rise in shoplifting arrests, and probably a higher spike in shoplifting. Retail security experts say that five-finger discounting has gotten even worse this holiday season, with many of those caught first-time perpetrators. The trend is being fed by lower income, reduced retail staff, and stores’ fears of insulting much-needed customers. (The New York Times)