Brothers bowl perfect 300s
Ed and Tom Shircel, two brothers in Sheboygan, Wis., are both fine bowlers with several perfect 300 scores under their belts. But this week, they went themselves one better: Each bowled 300 while playing for the same team in the same game. “To get two brothers on the same team, then do that? Maybe a one in a million thing, I’m sure,” said Ed, 57. “We always talked about hitting good on the same nights,” said Tom, 52, “but nothing like this.”

One huge Christmas tree
Greig Howe of Dorset, England, wanted to give his neighborhood a memorable Christmas. So he bought a 35-foot-tall Christmas tree and chopped it into three pieces, putting the bottom 10-foot section in his downstairs den, the middle 10 feet in the bedroom directly above, and the top portion, measuring 15 feet, on the roof above the bedroom. When the tree is lit up and seen through the house windows from the outside, it appears to be one huge tree that has shot up through the house. “People keep stopping and laughing at it,” said Howe, “and my 11-year-old son absolutely loves it.”