Most people would agree that “porn and religion” are not a “match made in heaven,” said Hugo Daniel in the Mail Online. “But Playboy appears to believe they're a winning combination and has put the Virgin Mary nude” on the cover of its Christmas issue in Mexico. To top it off, the issue was published “the day before the traditional Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, a national celebration that commemorates an apparition of the Virgin in the country.” This is “sure to cause” an "uproar."

As it should, said the blog Your Functional Barren. “As a guy who is indifferent about religion,” even I find this “offensive.” We’re talking about the Virgin Mary here, “one of the most recognized and respected figures in biblical history, being portrayed nude.” And aside from being appalling, this is clearly a desperate attempt by Playboy to “cause a stir.” Pathetic.

Sure, Playboy is definitely making a “statement” by doing this, said College on the Record. But come on, the magazine isn’t exactly “synonymous with solid religious values.” Does it really surprise anyone that Playboy would combine “hot naked pictures with Catholic purity?”