New Hampshire suspends jury trials
New Hampshire has decided to suspend all jury trials for a month to save money. The move will save the state, which has a $250 million shortfall, around $73,000 in juror stipends. Ellen Shemitz, executive director of the New Hampshire Association for Justice, said the penny-pinching scheme would further delay justice for people who were “harmed by the wrongdoing of others” and have spent years waiting for civil and criminal trials.

Libel case over circumcision
A New York man is suing for libel after he was accused of not being circumcised. John Singer, 49, is suing Centropa, a Jewish historical society, which published an article quoting his mother, Maryanna, as saying she had subjected neither of her two sons to the ritual genital surgery required by Jewish law. Singer claims his mother was misquoted, that he is circumcised, and that by claiming otherwise Centropa caused him “tremendous emotional pain and suffering.”