Bill Murray has had “several out-of-place encounters” with “New York City hipsters” over the past few months, said Sarah Horne in the New York Post, “from hanging out with rock bands to hitting on twentysomething women at bars.” Recently divorced from his wife of 11 years, the 58-year-old comedic actor “seems to be perpetually stuck in his own version of Groundhog Day meets Lost in Translation—involuntarily repeating that excruciating yet endearing party scene, trawling for serendipity in the New York night.”

Give me a break, said Daniel Maurer in New York magazine. The New York Post also “preposterously describes Murray as a ‘ghost’” in the night—“hilarious! A celebrity gets a drink at two places that aren’t the Beatrice and suddenly he’s Frances Farmer.”

This is just Bill Murray being Bill Murray, said John Del Signore in Gothamist. “He's rich, famous, single, perennially hip—and how cool is it that he's wandering among the little people instead of staying sequestered behind the velvet rope like his peers?” Murray can “crash our office party” any time.

“Murray's eccentricity and flirtatious ways have always seemed to be part of his charm,” said Irina Aleksander in The New York Observer. But let’s not forget that Mrs. Butler Murray filed for divorce “on the grounds of ‘adultery, addiction to marijuana and alcohol, abusive behavior, physical abuse, sexual addictions, and frequent abandonment’”—there may be a much darker side to this whole story.