GOOD DAY FOR: E-music, after Atlantic Records became the first major label to report that more than half its revenue now comes from digital products, mostly downloads and ring tones. Industry-wide, CD sales still account for two-thirds of music sales. And while the digital slice is growing in the record-sales pie, the entire pie is shrinking. (The New York Times)

BAD DAY FOR: Sequels, as Japanese citizen Hiroshi Nohara, perhaps inspired by the Tom Hanks move “Terminal,” has spent 85 days, and counting, in the Mexico City airport. Nohara, now a minor celebrity in Mexico City, spends most of his time near the airport food court, and plans to return to Japan in December. He sleeps sitting up, and his feet are swollen from lack of movement. Asked what he’s doing, Nohara points to himself, saying, “‘Terminal 2.’” (Bloomberg)