GOOD DAY FOR: Some fungus among us, after a Danish company found that a Chinese mushroom may hold the key to the world’s energy problems. The company, Novozymes, researches and cultivates enzymes used to break down plant matter into biofuels like ethanol. One researcher found a promising strain of fungus in a Chinese barn in May. “In 2010, we will have enzymes commercially available and a process that will allow our customers to produce at around $2.50 per gallon,” said Novozymes CEO Steen Riisgaard. (Bloomberg)

BAD DAY FOR: Free love, after classifieds site Craigslist agreed to take steps to prevent people from listing prostitution and other illegal “erotic services.” The agreement settles complaints by 40 U.S. states and territories. Among the steps, purveyors of erotic services must pay a small fee, on a valid credit card, to post their ad. (Los Angeles Times)