Look out, husbands and wives, said Tara Parker-Pope in The New York Times. A handful of new studies suggest that marital infidelity is "on the rise, particularly among older men and young couples." Women are catching up to men in the cheating department—and young people may have a relaxed idea of what's "normal" thanks to the ready availability of pornography on the Internet.

So, kids are upholding the tradition, said Sheila McClear in Gawker, and women are proving they can be "equal-opportunity" jerks. It sounds like what these big new studies are really saying is that not much has changed—"both men and women cheat on their spouses all the time."

Another study reached some conclusions that might be a little more instructive, said Canwest News Service. Researchers at the University of Montreal found that people who tend to hide their feelings, "avoid intimacy, and change the subject whenever the topic of moving in or marriage comes up" are most likely to cheat. So if your future spouse clams up when talk turns intimate, "you might want to watch out."