If you’re “feeling upbeat and optimistic about life,” said Dave Itzkoff in The New York Times, that may soon change: Morrissey, the “dour dauphin of rock,” has announced that he’s writing his memoirs. Apparently, the former Smiths frontman and “symbol of romanticized depression” wants to “communicate directly with his fans,” without the “filter of the mainstream media.”

Great, said Sean Michaels in the Guardian online, now Morrissey can “talk about himself, seals, and vegetarianism” as much as he wants. It’s not hard to predict what this autobiography will offer: “More than 25% of his Wikipedia page is taken up by the sections on ‘Music Industry Feuds,’ ‘[Arguments with] Political Leaders,’ ‘Accusations of Racism’ and ‘Animal Rights.’”

Actually, this book could offer some new insights, said ContactMusic.com. Morrissey “is notoriously protective of his privacy, and has refused to answer integral questions about his personal life in past interviews—especially about his sexuality.” And the media hasn’t always treated him fairly: Morrissey’s “sick of the false stories” that “have blighted his career”—now he gets to clear things up.

And Morrissey fans couldn’t be any more excited, said Jim Allen in PrefixMag.com. But “if you feel a slight tremor under your feet, it's probably just the residual vibration from the other Smiths' reaction" to the news—they can’t be happy about this.