Ukraine's future is up for grabs yet again, said the International Herald-Tribune in an editorial. President Viktor Yushchenko is calling for the country's third parliamentary election in as many years in his "never-ending political struggle." We hope he succeeds in his effort to strengthen ties with the West, but the important thing is to let Ukrainians sort out their own "political mess" without meddling from Russia or the West.

Good luck getting Russia to sit on the sidelines, said The Washington Times. Moscow demonstrated with its August military action against Georgia that "intimidation works." It has no plans to let neighboring states leave its "sphere of influence" and join forces with NATO.

Washington should think hard about how to handle these former Soviet republics, said the Berkshire Eagle in an editorial. This "is a complicated part of the world, and while the danger of an aggressive Russia is real, a simple-minded vision of a world of good guys and bad guys has not served us well for the past eight years, and won't do any good for the next four."