Popcorn lawsuit
A New York man who broke his tooth on an unpopped kernel of movie theater popcorn has lost his bid for compensation. Insurance broker Steve Kaplan says he bit into a hard kernel, suffering terrible pain and a subsequent $1,250 dental bill. In dismissing Kaplan’s lawsuit this week, Judge Matthew Cooper said that anyone who has ever eaten or made popcorn “soon learns the bitter truth: that the final product is almost always marred by the presence of unpopped, partially popped, or burnt kernels.”

Bedeviled by 666
Highway authorities throughout the country are being bedeviled by thieves who keep stealing highway markers bearing the numbers “666” or “66.6.” In New Jersey, at least four such signs have been swiped, either by religious zealots who are upset with the number’s biblical association with the devil, or by young people who think it’s cool to hang “666” signs in their rooms. Officials in one New Jersey county responded to the thefts by changing Route 666 to Route 665.