GOOD DAY FOR: Portable fantasies, as the boom in smart phones and other mobile devices is creating a new source of fantasy-sports revenue, with people able to check on their team players anytime they want. “It’s like you’ve combined the old macho notion of knowing more than anybody about sports with Dungeons and Dragons,” said professor Robert Thompson at Syracuse University. “It turns out that’s a pretty good marriage.” (Reuters)

BAD DAY FOR: Running on empty, after U.S. gasoline inventories fell to their lowest level since 1967, in the wake of supply disruptions from Hurricanes Ike and Gustav. Five refineries are still closed from Hurricane Ike, leading to long lines at gas stations throughout the South and Ohio. In 1967, the U.S. consumed 5 million barrels of fuel a day; today, daily U.S. consumption is 9 million barrels. (Reuters)