The GOP has been waiting a long time for Sarah Palin, said Fred Barnes in The Weekly Standard. “Republicans haven’t seen anyone like Palin emerge from their ranks since Ronald Reagan first attracted national attention in 1964.” But with her convention speech, she showed she has the natural “star quality,” charisma, and “knack for leadership” to rally a party “starved” for an icon.

Palin’s speech was “a great act—but it was an act, a one-shot show,” said John Dickerson in Slate. Reagan could get away with “happy little kicks in the groin” like those that Palin aimed at Barack Obama because he was a “sunny optimist offering a vision of the future.” Palin will have to move beyond “sarcasm” or her act will wear thin.

The “gorgeous” Palin is not just John McCain’s new “attack dog,” said Greg Piper in the blog The Moderate Voice. “She is his Obama, just as Joe Biden is Obama’s McCain.” Palin “is as entertaining as Obama is inspiring,” and Democrats are “furious that Republicans have someone just as telegenic and spunky as their man.”