Lisa Marie Presley no longer cares what the gossips say about her, says Allison Glock in Marie Claire. Pregnant with twins at 40, Elvis Presley’s daughter has had to endure a spate of unflattering photos in the tabloids—some of which she says were manipulated to make her look like the bloated reincarnation of her iconic, self-destructive father. “It took me a while to make the connection with the dad thing. They want me to be him. They want me to be miserable.” Presley acknowledges she has provided much tabloid grist over the years. “Lord knows I’ve screwed up many, many times,” she says. A former drug abuser and a high school dropout, she’s had four husbands, most notoriously Michael Jackson. “That was probably the biggest mistake in my life. I was really naïve at the time. I was in la-la land. I must have been out of my f---ing mind.” But now she says she’s so in love with her fourth husband, musician Michael Lockwood, that she’s determined to ignore the tabloids and live life on her own terms. “I’m not going to let them control me. I just let it all hang out. You want to look at me? Go ahead and look. I’m in a happy place now.”