GOOD DAY FOR: Disappointing Barbie, after a California jury awarded Mattel between $40 million and $100 million in its copyright infringement lawsuit against the maker of Bratz dolls, MGA Entertainment. Mattel had sought a ruinous $2 billion. The jury decided that MGA had not willfully infringed on Mattel’s copyright, and so awarded no punitive damages. Bratz had taken market share from Mattel’s Barbie. (Reuters)

BAD DAY FOR: Average Joe, after Starbucks rolled out the first of its $11,000 Clover coffee machines at 10 Seattle stores. Starbucks bought Clover-maker The Coffee Equipment Co. in April, acquiring the exclusive right to use the complex, cup-at-a-time brewing machine. Independent coffee shops were miffed that Starbucks isn’t selling the machine outside the company. (AP in