Centsoff.com is a good, “cost-effective” place to find a large number of grocery coupons. The site provides an “extensive” selection but requires a $7.50 annual membership fee “plus $7.50 for up to 50 coupons.”

is “easy to use” and offers a “very extensive” selection of coupons for items ranging from frozen foods to beauty products. For every order, the site does charge a 50-cent fee, “plus 10 percent of the face value of each coupon.” Shipping costs an extra 58 cents, but users can “shop by department or via search tool.”

Smartsource.com provides free, “printable” grocery coupons. The site’s only catch is that it doesn’t feature a search tool. Scouring for coupons here may save you money, but it won’t save time.

Source: The Wall Street Journal