GOOD DAY FOR: Vigilantism over vice, after the Batman movie “The Dark Knight” beat out stoner action film “Pineapple Express” to top the domestic box office for the fourth straight weekend. Batman brought in $26 million, for a domestic total of $441.5 million, making it the No. 3 all-time earner. “Pineapple Express” earned $22.6 million for the weekend, or $40.4 million since opening Wednesday. (Los Angeles Times)

BAD DAY FOR: Saving a buck, after people rushed out into Southern California freeway traffic to pick up cash dropped by a motorcyclist. The biker, identified as “Mr. Yee” by police, said $2,000 in cash spilled from his bag. When police arrived, they found $18, a checkbook, and a flashlight. Nobody was injured in the cash grab. (Contra Costa Times)