Atlanta officials have agreed to scrap road signs warning of “Men at Work” or “Men Working Ahead” after complaints that the signs are sexist. Cynthia Good, editor of the Atlanta-based women’s magazine PINK, filed an official complaint last week about the signs, pointing out that the Department of Public Works has numerous female employees. Department head Joe Basista this week agreed and ordered that all signs either be replaced or altered to read “Workers Ahead.” “It seemed like the right thing to do,” said Basista.

Flint, Mich., is the latest city to crack down on the wearing of outlandishly oversized jeans. In a memo to officers last week, Flint’s interim police chief, David Dicks, said that anyone wearing baggy trousers so low that buttock skin is visible should be arrested and charged with indecent exposure, while those exposing only underwear should face charges of disorderly conduct. “Some people call it a fad,” said Dicks of the hip-hop–inspired fashion statement. “But I believe it’s a national nuisance.”