What happened
Ashley Dupré, the former high-priced prostitute at the center of the Eliot Spitzer scandal, is developing a reality TV show, according to E! Online. One of the concepts that the 23-year-old Dupré is considering is a dating format.

What the commentators said

This was “inevitable,” said Mack Rawden in the blog Cinema Blend. What are Dupré’s options at this point? “Harvard Medical School isn’t taking any more applications for next year, and I hear clown college is actually more arduous than one might suspect.” But to all the guys planning to audition for the show: “Save yourself years of emotional embarrassment and humiliation by finding her at a bar and ordering two shots of Vodka.”

Supposedly, Dupré is “developing the show with Handprint Entertainment,” said Brad Trechak in the blog TV Squad, which is the same company that’s “managed the career of reality icon Nicole Richie.” And as the star of dating show, Dupré would enter “the same category as Tila Tequila as well. What would one call that category?” But the real question is: “Will any network actually buy the show? Maybe Fox.”

Well, if any network does pick up Dupré’s show, said the blog Actress Archives, we’ve got a whole list of potential titles for it. How about, A Shot At Penicillin, Project Redlight, For Money Or Jewelry, and So You Think You Can Have Sex With A Strange Middle-Aged Guy For $4,000 An Hour?” But although Dupré would love to get paid to “make out with strangers in Jacuzzis,” her lawyer has declined to “confirm or deny” the rumors.