GOOD DAY FOR: Good facilities, as 10 percent of India’s record rice and wheat harvests will be lost to rats and spoilage. Some 20 million metric tons of grains and lentils will rot or be eaten by pests, out of 227.3 million metric tons produced. Post-harvest storage “needs to be given more focus,” said Agriculture Secretary P.K. Mishra. “Some areas have good facilities and some areas don’t.” (Bloomberg)

BAD DAY FOR: Grand dilutions
, after eBay sued classified-ad site Craigslist for taking undisclosed actions to dilute its 28.4 percent investment in the company by 10 percent. EBay bought the Craigslist stake in 2004. EBay is the 17th most popular English-language site on the Web; Craigslist ranks 45. Craigslist doesn’t disclose revenue. (The San Jose Mercury News)