What happened
London’s High Court this week ordered former Beatle Paul McCartney to pay £24.3 million ($48.7 million) to ex-wife Heather Mills in their divorce settlement. The sum includes £14 million for herself, £2.5 million to purchase a home in London, and £7.8 million in existing assets. On top of that, McCartney will pay £35,000 per year in nanny and school fees for their 4-year-old daughter, Beatrice. Outside the courthouse, Mills, who had sought £125 million, said that she was "very, very happy" with the ruling. "It was an incredible result to secure mine and my daughter's future,” she said. (BBC)

What the commentators said
Even after receiving nearly £25 million, Heather railed against her ex-husband and his lawyer Fiona Shackleton, proving that “Heather will always fancy herself a victim,” said the blog Hollywood Grind. Well, she always said that if she won a lot of money, she would donate it all to charity, so let’s see if she puts her money where her mouth is. “But she won’t because she’s a fake.”

To be fair, “the divorce has been equally acrimonious on each side,” said Stuart Heritage on the blog Hecklerspray. Heather Mills may hurl accusations and harangues at Sir Paul, but McCartney allegedly had an affair with a rich married American woman—surely, in a messy divorce, it takes two people to create the mess.

Even if both parties played parts in the quarrel, people “can’t stand” Heather Mills because of her righteous greed, said the blog Your Celebrity Stuff. Of the £35,000 annual allowance for Beatrice’s care, Mills said: “Beatrice only gets $70,000 a year so she is obviously meant to travel B class while her father travels A class. But obviously I will pay for that.” Actually, McCartney will pay for that, since “everything she ‘pays’ for is McCartney’s money anyway!”