GOOD DAY FOR: A summer vacation, as Chrysler said it will send almost all its 70,000 employees on a two-week furlough in July. Normally such shutdowns involve only hourly workers and manufacturing operations.“As a private company, we all need to think like owners and do our part to accelerate Chrysler’s recovery and transformation,” said CEO Robert Nardelli. (The New York Times, free registration)

BAD DAY FOR: Family ties, after New York’s highest court ruled that Elizabeth McNabb, an out-of-wedlock child of Jell-O heiress Barbara Woodward Piel, was not entitled to any of the family fortune. Piel put McNabb up for adoption and went on to get married and have two more children. A lower court had awarded McNabb a third of Piel’s fortune. Piel died in 2003. (AP in