GOOD DAY FOR: Pushing pen pals, as the U.S. Postal Service is teaming up with HBO to promote a miniseries based on the president and prolific letter-writer John Adams. HBO is picking up the $5 million to $10 million tab for the “power of the letter” multimedia campaign. “Letter-writing is an art,” said USPS’s Joyce Carrier. “‘L.O.L.’ is not something you’re going to stick in a drawer.” (The New York Times, free registration)

BAD DAY FOR: Riding out hard times
, as the value of some classic cars has declined by about a third since two years ago, in more fallout from the credit and housing messes. Baby boomers, especially, tapped rising home values to collect cars. “Home equity was the ATM out of which a lot of people were withdrawing money to have fun,” says McKeel Hagerty of Hagerty Insurance Agency. (The Wall Street Journal)