The rich don’t read get-rich books
Want to get rich? says Paul Farrell in MarketWatch. Definitely avoid “all how-to get rich books.” Yes, “all of them!” Because unless they contain “divine revelations” about the markets, they are “dangerous to your financial health.” They all “contradict one another,” and they “waste time” you could be spending with your family or earning money “at a real job.” Millionaires are millionaires because they work hard at a “vocation they love.” They don’t have time for our “obsession with information.” So “do what you love” and “the money will follow.” As a new (mock) self-help book points out, “The only way to get rich from a get-rich book is to write one.”
Missing out on the tourism boom
There’s an international tourism boom going on, says Eric Lucas in the Los Angeles Times, but you’d never know it in the U.S. “Travel is the world’s largest industry,” worth $5 trillion a year, but “overseas arrivals” to the U.S. have fallen 11 percent this decade. With “the U.S. dollar as soft as confetti” right now, foreign visitors should be flocking to our shores. But only 29 “near lily-white” countries don’t need an expensive and often elusive visa to travel here. Small wonder many foreigners opt for Europe instead. In being “crass, greedy, and rude” hosts, “we’re missing out on a lot more than just money—but we’re missing out on a lot of that too.”