GOOD DAY FOR: A recount, after GM regained the title of world’s top automaker in 2007—its 77th consecutive year as No. 1—just hours after No. 2 Toyota revised its sales figures downward. Toyota originally reported 9.37 million vehicles sold, versus GM’s 9,369,524, but later said it had sold only 9.366 million. (The Washington Post, free registration)
BAD DAY FOR: Analog audiophiles, after the record industry’s global trade group said that digital music sales rose 40 percent last year, to $2.9 billion, but are still not rising enough to counter plummeting CD sales. The group, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, said illegal downloads are still beating paid ones, 20 to 1. Digital downloads make up 15 percent of music sales now. (AP in USA Today)