What happened
Former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson filed divorce papers on Friday from her husband Rick Salomon, who she has been married to for just over two months. But yesterday, Anderson suggested on her blog that she and the co-star of the Paris Hilton sex tape One Night in Paris were “working things out.”

What the commentators said
Is anyone really surprised that Anderson is having marital problems? said Richard Johnson in the New York Post. She “raced up the aisle” to marry “Paris Hilton’s sleazy sex-tape partner.” And these “oddball lovebirds” both “have horrible track records: Anderson was previously wed to Kid Rock and Tommy Lee, and Salomon was hitched to Shannen Doherty.”

Am I the only one who sees a pattern developing here? said the blog TMZ.com. “In 2006, Anderson filed for divorce from Kid Rock right around Thanksgiving. This time, she had problems with Salomon close to Christmas. “For Pam, the holidays are all about giving—giving him the heave ho, ho, ho!”

Anderson “gets divorced with such tick-tock regularity that it’s become almost reassuring,” said Stuart Heritage in the blog Heckler Spray. So when she tries to work things out instead, something’s not right. “Let’s hope that Pam comes to her senses and completes her divorce,” because a “lasting Pamela Anderson marriage” could “upset the natural order of things and make the moon fall out of the sky and the seas boil.”

And let’s hope she does it soon, said Veronica Santiago in the blog TV Envy. “If this relationship drags out any longer, I’m gonna lose the money I put into the pool!”

Why do celebrities even bother to get married? said Larson Hill in the blog The Deadbolt. “In an age when celebrity marriages are increasingly pressured by the ‘cult of celebrity,’ it’s clear that some celebs could lead simpler lives if they weren’t married at all.”