What happened
Animal rights organization PETA launched an ad campaign today aimed at Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, whom the group has dubbed “The Trollsen Twins.” Angry at the twins’ refusal to stop wearing fur and using it in their fashion collection, PETA unveiled the ad—which carries the tagline “Fur Is Worn by Beautiful Animals and Ugly People"—at the Olsens’ Walk of Fame star on Hollywood Boulevard. PETA also launched a website that allows visitors to dress up “Hairy-Kate” and “Trashley” in blood-soaked furs.

What the commentators said
“PETA has officially released fur-hating Hell on the Olsen Twins,” said the blog Popcrunch. We “love animals just as much as anyone else,” but is it really “any of PETA’s business what other people want to put on their backs”?

This probably isn’t the “best way” for PETA to “get people on board” for its cause, said the blog I’m Not Obsessed. Do they really think that attacking Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen is going to make anyone “change” their “mind about wearing fur?”

And what PETA is doing could “be considered harassment,” said the blog Celebrity Cowboy. They’ve been sending the Olsens “letters, following them around and yelling, throwing things . . . why they’re still allowed to do this is beyond me. Can’t wait to see the photos though.”

Maybe people need to lighten up a little, said the blog Jezebel. This campaign just shows that PETA has a “sense of humor.” PETA’s website “devoted to lambasting the girls” is “lots of fun.” Where else can you ‘Dress Up the Trollsens’ in fur that’s “still alive” and drips blood? “Brilliant!”

And really, “who doesn’t” hate the Olsen Twins? said the blog Evil Beet Gossip. We can’t wait to “get our grubby little hands” on that poster. No one’s more excited for this” than we are.