What happened
Jermaine Jackson told BBC 6 Music recently that the Jackson 5—he, Marlon, Tito, Jackie, and Michael—are reuniting for a tour, which could take place in 2008. “Michael will be involved,” he said. “We feel we have to do it one more time. We owe that to the fans and to the public.” The last time the Jacksons toured together was during the Victory Tour in 1984. Michael Jackson has yet to comment on Jermaine’s remarks.

What the commentators said
Don’t get too excited just yet, said Ashante Infantry in TheStar.com. “The key to a successful Jacksons comeback is the participation of King of Pop sibling Michael, who was said to have performed on the Victory Tour reluctantly.” The group needs Michael’s “infectious vocals”—until he commits, they’ve got nothing.

“As much as we might want them to,” said Vicki Hyman in NJ.com, the Jacksons “never can say goodbye.” Why have they waited so long to get back together? Oh yeah, there was that “little matter of the child molestation charges facing Michael.” But “he was acquitted,” so now they have to launch their reunion tour.

If this reunion really happens, it’s going to be great, said Anne Johnson in PrefixMag.com. “That which does not destroy the Jackson family only makes them stronger.” We can all “expect a mightier the Jackson 5 this time around.”

This reunion is likely to be little more than a gawk-fest, said Nine MSN. For years now, “Michael Jackson has been more famous for bizarre behavior and plastic surgery than songs. Excessive work has dramatically transformed his face, leaving him drastically different to the black-skinned, round-faced Michael Jackson who wowed the world in the 1970s.” And if he does agree to the tour, it will probably just be for the money—he has “been in financial trouble, with lawyers suing him for failing to pay legal fees.”