What happened
Kid Rock was arrested in Atlanta on Oct. 21 in connection with a fight that broke out at a waffle house. When the rocker and his entourage stopped at the restaurant after playing a show, a patron started talking to a woman with them and a brawl ensued. Kid Rock and company hopped on their tour bus and left, but were pulled over shortly thereafter. Kid Rock was taken into custody and handed a misdemeanor charge of simple battery. Twelve hours later, he posted the $1,000 bail.

What the commentators said
Kid Rock should be proud of this achievement, said Craig Hlavaty in Houston Press’s blog. “Few things in life are tantamount to getting into a fistfight at a Waffle House. Maybe crapping your pants at a dollar store, or going to a porn shop with Dad.” Thank god he made bail. Now he’s “free to continue performing songs like ‘Lowlife (Living the Highlife),’” which is probably his “ode to the champagne of beers.”

Don’t let that grin in his mug shot fool you, said the blog Defamer. Kid Rock “may be playing it cool, but that smile barely masks the pain of watching his ex-old lady," Pamela Anderson, "shack up with the Paris Hilton sex tape guy.”

It sounds like Kid Rock’s reaction was totally uncalled for, said VH1’s blog. Was it really necessary to get into a fight just because “some random waffle hungry dude dared speak to a woman in Kid’s entourage”? By most accounts, the chat was “fairly innocent.” Nevertheless, Kid rock and his crew went “all Tommy Lee on the guy.”

What do you expect? said The Impolitic blog. “You can’t marry Pamela Anderson six times in a row and not suffer some loss of sanity.”