Two nannies who worked for Anna Nicole Smith, the late sex symbol, have denied telling TV journalist and author Rita Cosby that Smith’s lawyer and boyfriend had sex on videotape—a tale both men deny. In her book, Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith’s Death, Cosby wrote that the nannies told a private investigator they saw Smith sitting on her bed watching the alleged liaison between her lawyer, Howard K. Stern, and her boyfriend, Larry Birkhead.

The nannies’ “insider perspective became a hot commodity” after Smith’s sudden death in February, said Natalie Finn in E! Online. But both of the women—Quethlie Alexis and Nadine Alexie—say they never told anybody they saw Smith watching a Stern-Birkhead sex tape, and that they have no idea whether such a tape exists. “Both gentlemen called the book's so-called revelations ludicrous,” and Stern has filed a $60-million defamation lawsuit against Cosby and her publisher.

Cosby has flown down to the Bahamas to try jogging the memories of the Haiian-born nannies, said But she might find that hard to do. “The French term for ‘oral sex between men’ is just one consonant off from another word that means, ‘to come to fisticuffs over the honor of a shared woman.’” So, maybe the whole thing was just an honest mistake.