GOOD DAY FOR: Calling a truce, as Internet phone company Vonage's shares rose 123 percent yesterday after it settled a patent dispute with Sprint for $80 million. Vonage's stock, at $2.57 a share, is still down 63 percent this year. Since going pubic in May 2006, Vonage has lost two patent lawsuits, to Verizon and Sprint. (The New York Times, free registration required)
BAD DAY FOR: Technical patriotism, as conservatives are criticizing Google for incorporating Sputnik, the pioneering Soviet satellite, into its logo last week for the 50th anniversary of Sputnik's launch. "It's a kick to your belly," said conservative blogger Giovanni Gallucci. Critics also complain that Google doesn't change its logo for patriotic holidays like Veterans Day and Memorial Day. (Los Angeles Times, free registration required)