The Internet ... Party planning sites may be the most popular site for organizing a social event, but it’s not the only one—or the best. provides such a wide variety of party themes that it “will not only help you plan a shindig, it’ll give you an excuse to have one.” Inte­gration of Google Maps and make it easy to provide directions and post video afterwards.
is a great way to make plans on the fly. Its “fuzzy scheduling” lets one person suggest an activity and others “chime in with date, time, and location suggestions.” You can even visually compare schedules with your friends to identify a time that works. is party planning for the next generation. It can “pull info, photos, and even blogs you’ve created from MySpace, YouTube, and Facebook and use them to create a profile” for you. It can also send out invitations as text or instant messages, as well as e-mail.

Source: Consumer Report ShopSmart