If you want to win that stuffed animal, you’d better know what you’re getting into.

The balloon pop seems easy. A dart should instantly puncture a balloon pinned to the wall. To counteract dull darts and underinflated balloons, however, you’ll need to arc the dart upward slightly so it comes down at a 45-degree angle.

The balloon race, “where you shoot a stream of water into the clown’s mouth” in order to fill a balloon to bursting before the timer runs out, rewards stubbornness. The game mostly comes down to aim, but it helps to have a gun with high water pressure. Watch a few other contestants before taking your turn, “as carnival owners aren’t known for maintaining their game equipment.”

The ringtoss, which requires you to throw a tiny plastic ring over the neck of a milk bottle, is strictly for suckers, with odds against winning as much as 600-to-1. Try throwing sideways, “as if skimming a rock across a lake.” If that doesn’t work, “try praying.”
Source: Baltimore Sun