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Tim Howard could have saved the dinosaurs, Twitter claims

Tim Howard is the most revered man in America after his record-setting performance Tuesday for the U.S. men's soccer team. Though the U.S. went down 2-1 against Belgium, Howard was so marvelous in defeat that Americans clamored to have his visage carved on Mt. Rushmore and stamped on coins. A federal petition seeking to rename Washington, D.C.'s airport in his honor is steadily gaining signatures.

So how good is Howard at making saves? According to a Twitter hashtag, Howard could have saved the dinosaurs from going extinct:

Howard is so good, he could have saved fictional characters like (Warning: spoilers) Mufasa…

Game of Thrones' Ned Stark...

And Bambi. (Though really, this one would make more sense were it Bambi's mother.)

Howard can stop bullets, a la The Matrix.

He could have saved swimmers from Jaws...

and kept Blockbuster from going belly up.

Howard could have saved Obi-Wan's master, Qui-Gon Jinn...

before warping through space and time to punch the Titanic away from that iceberg.

But perhaps the most practical Howard save of all: He could have kept Luis Suarez form biting Italy's Giorgio Chellini.

Chuck Norris, eat your heart out.

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