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Cuomo allegedly sexually harassed a doctor as she conducted his COVID-19 nasal swab

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) has sexually harassed multiple women while in office, including several aides and employees, a report conducted by the state attorney general found. 

State Attorney General Letitia James released the investigation outlining a "pattern of inappropriate conduct" on Tuesday, per NBC News, and it includes in graphic detail several instances of alleged misconduct by Cuomo. His treatment of a staff member described as "Executive Assistant #1" allegedly included "kissing her on the lips at least once, grabbing her butt during hugs, asking multiple times about whether she had cheated or would cheat on her husband and once reaching under her blouse and grabbing her breast, according to the report," writes NBC.

Cuomo is also accused of harrassing a state trooper, allegedly touching her inapproriately and making comments that she found "offensive and uncomfortable."

Cuomo was accused of sexual harrassment by several former aides earlier this year, launching the investigation by the state attorney general. But the probe unearthed even more detailed accounts of the reportedly pervasive hostile work environment, which The New York Times' Maggie Haberman said went "way, way, way" beyond what many Democrats expected, even while many were calling for him to resign back in the spring.

In another instance, Cuomo allegedly made inappropriate comments to a state Department of Health doctor as she was swabbing his nose for a COVID-19 test. At a later press conference, he said "you make that gown look good."

Cuomo report.

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