19 ways to spruce up your kitchen

Adding toe-kick storage could be revolutionary

These days the kitchen is the most important room in the house. We're constantly calling it our main hub, where we cook fresh meals, entertain guests, do homework, post messages and, yes, every now and then watch TV. But with the increased focus on function comes a lot of stuff that needs fixing, replacing, tweaking, cleaning, and organizing. For that you'll need to arm yourself with some kitchen knowledge so you can stay on top of what's most important. Here are 19 projects that every home dweller should know about.

1. Choose a new kitchen sink. Is there anything in your kitchen that gets used as much as your sink? Doubtful. That's why it's important to choose the right one — size, width, style — for your space.

See how to choose a new kitchen sink.

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2. Pick a new kitchen faucet. Sure, a faucet is a must for practical tasks, but it also helps define the style of your kitchen.

See how to pick a new kitchen faucet.

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3. Replace your kitchen faucet. This is a project that's straightforward enough for many homeowners or a handy friend.

See how to replace your kitchen faucet.

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4. Reface your kitchen cabinets. The costs of buying or building new cabinets can add up quick. Refacing might be a more affordable option for you — and can add 10 years of life to your cabinets.

See how to reface your kitchen cabinets.

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5. Paint your cabinets a new color. Maybe refacing isn't what you need but a jazzy new paint color is. This is another more budget-friendly option than replacing, but the glossy finish on the woodwork may prove challenging for some DIYers.

See how to paint kitchen cabinets.

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6. Learn how to talk about kitchen cabinet door styles. Do you know what an inset, a partial overlay, and a full overlay are? Well, these little pieces of knowledge will have a huge impact on how you view, design or remodel your kitchen.

Learn the lingo of kitchen cabinet door styles.

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7. Choose new cabinet knobs and pulls. This isn't as easy as it sounds. There are countless styles of pulls, knobs, hinges, and more to make sense of.

See more on kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls.

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8. Add toe-kick storage. You know that unused space underneath your cabinets? It offers an amazing storage opportunity.

See how to add toe-kick drawers for more storage.

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9. Organize everything. From the pantry and shelves to the cabinets and appliances, we accumulate a lot of stuff in our kitchens. What you need is a full-on game plan to get everything in order.

Get a 7-day plan for an organized kitchen.

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10. Build a mail and message center. Of course, clutter comes from outside the kitchen too, in the form of mail, notes, keys, and more. Take control over the mess with your own message center.

See how to build a mail and message center.

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11. Keep your white space looking white. All-white kitchens are still all the rage. But also raging are homeowners trying to keep them clean.

See how to keep your white kitchen white.

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12. Clean tile grout. Is there anything on this planet that's harder to clean than tile grout? Probably not.

See how to clean grout.

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13. Clean your cutting board. With all the action — and bacteria — your cutting boards and butcher blocks see, keeping them clean should be part of your routine.

See how to clean and care for your butcher block.

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14. Get the right tools for the job. A kitchen is useless without the right utensils and cookware to make it function. So what exactly do you need? Here's where to start.

Create your own checklist for a well-stocked kitchen.

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15. Shop for appliances wisely. No two ovens or microwaves or refrigerators are created equal. Here's how to be a savvy shopper.

See 6 tips for buying kitchen appliances.

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16. Make a stand for tablets and cookbooks. It sounds pretty basic, but this little accessory will make your life in the kitchen so much easier.

See how to make a sturdy stand for tablets and cookbooks.

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17. Make a funky charging station to hide all those wires. The onslaught of tech gadgets in our lives has happened much too quickly for our kitchens to keep up with, leaving us with vital counter space strewn with wires and devices.

See how to make a charging station.

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18. Install a kitchen backsplash. A new kitchen backsplash can dramatically change the way your kitchen looks and feels. The great thing is that, if you're choosing tile, it's a project you might be able to do yourself.

See how to install a tile backsplash.

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19. Add storage to your backsplash for hanging pots, pans, and utensils. Already got a backsplash but want to make better use of it? Installing systems for hanging utensils and pans is a great way to maximize that wall.

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