Anyone looking to take their Valentine on a romantic movie date is in for a rough surprise. This year's options include the dismally reviewed Winter's Tale, the slightly less dismally reviewed Endless Love, and a remake of RoboCop.

You could take your chances with About Last Night, which got some decent notices. You could catch up on an older, less romantic release like Frozen or The LEGO Movie. Or you could stay home, open a bottle of wine, and watch an old favorite.

But which one? Fortunately, Fandango has taken care of that debate by compiling 26 of Hollywood's most romantic movie scenes into this 90-second video. You'll be treated to more than a few of cinema's most memorable love scenes, from "You make me want to be a better man" to "You had me at hello." Between Casablanca, Spider-Man, From Here to Eternity, and Twilight, it's safe to say this video has something for even the staunchest Valentine's Day Grinch — so light some candles, grab a heart-shaped box of chocolates, push play, and let the love wash over you.