Boasting on Facebook
A Polish prisoner triggered a crackdown on other inmates after he posted a photo of a large cannabis plant that he’d grown in his cell. To boast about his green thumb, Dozy Zendarski took a selfie with the plant using a smuggled smartphone and posted it to Facebook. When it went viral, prison officials searched the entire jail and seized numerous phones and other banned items from inmates. Zendarski is now under special watch, to save him from the retribution of his fellow prisoners.

Victim of shark attack heads to pub
A New Zealand man who was bitten by a shark calmly stitched up his own wounds, then joined his friends at the pub while still bleeding and drank a beer before heading to the hospital. James Grant was spearfishing when the shark clamped down on his leg. “[I thought], ‘Bugger, now I have to try and get this thing off,’” he said. He stabbed the predator with a knife and headed back to shore, where he sewed up his 2-inch-long wounds. Grant went to the hospital only after stopping at a pub, where a bartender complained that he was dripping blood on the floor.

Robbing the delivery driver
An Alabama man was arrested after he ordered two pizzas to his mobile home and then allegedly robbed the delivery driver on his own doorstep. The driver told police that armed men robbed him as soon as he arrived at the house. Police quickly followed leads to the original delivery address. Inside, they said, they found Michael Long, 20, the pizzas, and the bag they came in. “We don’t typically see a suspect call a delivery driver to their actual address to commit a robbery,” said an officer.