The weeks leading up to Halloween is a key period for retailers. Still one month out from Black Friday, the spooky holiday is a last chance to drum up sales between the slow summer months and the all-essential holiday season. So how will the related industries — from pumpkin farmers, to chocolate factories, to costume stores — fare this year? The National Retail Federation put together some stats on how Americans are planning to spend. Here, Halloween's most important numbers:

$6.9 billion
Amount Americans will spend on Halloween in 2013

$8 billion
Amount Americans spent in 2012

Percent increase in Halloween spending from 2005

The average amount each American will spend on the holiday this year

542 million
Pounds of pumpkins harvested in Illinois this year

Pounds California farmer Tim Mathison's world-record-breaking pumpkin weighed

Average cost of a carving pumpkin in the U.S.

Average cost of a carving pumpkin in New York City

$2.8 billion
Amount Americans will spend on candy

$1 billion
Amount expected to be spent on children's costumes

$1.2 billion
Amount Americans will spend on adult costumes

The cost of the eight-foot tall vampire costume Exmortis Stalkaround

The cost of a sexy pizza costume

Percent of 18- to 24-year-olds who plan to dress up this year

Percent of those in their late-20s and early-30s who will do the same

Percent of millennials who will dress like animals, according to a survey by New York City-based ooVoo, a social video chat provider

Percent from the same survey who plan to dress as pop culture icons

22 million
Americans who will dress up their pets

$330 million
Amount Americans will spend on costumes for their four-legged friends

Percent of Americans who are reeling in their Halloween spending because of the economy

Percent from that group who are cutting back in the candy department

Percent from that group who are skipping candy altogether