There's something about tea that just feels fancy. Perhaps it's due to ceremony, or history, or etiquette, or those adorably tiny sandwiches served alongside. Or maybe it's about ritual. The whistle of the kettle, the dunking of the tea bag (or, if you're really fancy, this), the addition of lemon or sugar or milk. In any case, it's certain that tea has a certain power — a certain class — that it brings to the table.

Whether you like your tea sweet, iced or blooming, one thing's for sure: No tea time is complete without some sustenance. Sure, you can go the route of scones and clotted cream, if you want to emulate the Queen herself. (And every once in a while, who doesn't?) But what about this revolutionary idea: Serve your tea with more tea.

Because while a lot of tea's appeal comes from holding the warm mug against your palm and sipping slowly, it's also worth celebrating this famous beverage's complex and sophisticated flavors in their own right. Let your tea out of the bag with these aromatic dishes, and make tea time anytime.

Tea with honey and lemon compound butter by thefood

Vanilla rooibos tea cookies by Rivka

Panna cotta infused with bergamot tea by Marie Viljoen

Sweet tea cookies by TheRunawaySpoon

Darjeeling tea pain perdu with condensed milk butter by Aliwaks

Earl Grey vanilla bean truffles two ways by kangarhubarb

Kabocha vanilla chai ice cream by Courtney Pollock

Earl Grey ice cream with blackberry swirl by NakedBeet

Chamomile lemon cupcakes with honey buttercream ice cream by littleaccidentsinthekitchen

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