Anyone who's taken a spin on Citi Bike — the New York City bike-sharing program that launched earlier this year — knows that the bikes aren't exactly ready for the X-Games. The distinctive blue bikes are designed, above all else, to be functional — which means they're heavy, clunky, and best-suited for a lazy ride down a flat street.

But what could a truly talented cyclist do with them? Animal New York reached out to Tyrone King — a BMX pro, and the owner of Dah Shop in Chinatown — and asked him to to try some of his top tricks on a Citi Bike. After checking out a bike from the South 3rd Street and Bedford Avenue station in Williamsburg, King tried out a few bounces and a wheelie before pulling off some of his more impressive tricks on the cycle.

Would Citi Bike approve of King's stunt-riding? While they would probably recommend that King (like all riders) wear a helmet, there's nothing in the website's frequently asked questions that explicitly bars stunt-riding. "The bike remains your responsibility until it has been properly locked at a dock, or handed over to a Citi Bike representative," warns the website — but until then, wheelie around New York to your heart's content.