Congress's war record
Even though the U.S. has been involved in more than a dozen military conflicts over the past 70 years, Congress has not formally declared war on any country since June 5, 1942, when it signed off on military action against Nazi Germany’s allies Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania.

Why men drown more than women
Men are three times more likely to die from drowning than women. The National Institutes of Health says that men are more likely to drink alcohol while engaging in water sports, and also more likely to falsely assume they are capable swimmers.

Fewer companies offer health insurance
The percentage of U.S. companies that offer their employees health insurance has declined from 66 percent to 57 percent in the last decade. That trend is expected to continue as the Affordable Care Act promotes insurance outside employment.
The National Journal

Detroit's new “sugar babies”
More than 200 of Detroit’s teachers are moonlighting as “sugar babies” to offset wage cuts and job losses, according to a website that pairs up young women with “sugar daddies.” The site said the 200 teachers who’ve signed up are asking for an average of $3,000 a month in return for giving “companionship” to an older man.

Power outages caused by squirrels
Squirrels have caused more than 50 power outages this summer in 24 states, affecting tens of thousands of utility customers. Squirrels cause the blackouts by chewing through wires, or connecting an energized component with a grounded one—connecting a circuit and causing a small explosion.
The New York Times