A God-given land?
Eighty-two percent of white evangelical Protestants believe that Israel was “given to the Jewish people by God.” Just 40 percent of U.S. Jews share that belief.
Pew Research

The U.S. as energy giant
The U.S. may overtake Russia as the world’s largest producer of oil and gas this year. The U.S.’s monthly production rate of the two fuels has soared to the equivalent of 22 million barrels a day, while Moscow’s is estimated to be 21.8 million barrels.
The Wall Street Journal

Banning retail dog sales
Two dozen cities, including San Diego and Los Angeles, have banned retail dog sales, meaning canine pets will be available only via shelters and animal rescue organizations. The ban is based on evidence of widespread cruelty, overcrowding, and starvation at the high-volume commercial breeding businesses, or “puppy mills,” that supply most dogs to pet stores.

Today's college students
Among college students today, 44 percent are 24 or older, and over a quarter have children.

Criminal convictions and voting rights
About 7.7 percent of the adult African-American population faces voting restrictions because of a criminal conviction.

What's in a chicken nugget?
A University of Mississippi analysis of two chicken nuggets bought at national chains found that the first nugget was 50 percent muscle meat, with the rest a mix of fat, blood vessels, and nerves. The second nugget was only 40 percent meat, and the remainder was fat, cartilage, and pieces of bone.