Life in Detroit
In Detroit, only a third of its ambulances are in service, police take 58 minutes to respond to emergency calls, and there are 78,000 abandoned buildings. The average home price is $7,000.

Arctic shipping prospers
The rapid shrinkage of the polar ice cap has led to a boom in Arctic shipping. So far this year, 204 ships have sailed between Asia and Europe via the Arctic—a route once only navigable by fortified ice-breaking ships. That’s up from 46 such voyages in 2012 and just four in 2010.
Financial Times

Air Force offers hefty signing bonus
The U.S. Air Force is facing such a shortage of fighter pilots that it’s now offering a signing bonus of $225,000 to experienced aviators if they’ll sign up for nine years. The military has lost many of its experienced pilots because of the rigors of wartime deployment and the higher salaries paid by airlines.
Los Angeles Times

TV-related injuries rise
The number of children injured by falling televisions has jumped 125 percent over the past 20 years, with 12,300 kids being rushed to the hospital with TV-related injuries in 2011. Safety experts say the new flat-screen sets are more top-heavy, and can be easily pulled over.

Geography and poverty
In climbing out of poverty, geography matters. A new study found that the poor are more likely to become upwardly mobile in the Northeast, the Great Plains, and the West, especially in such cities as New York and Seattle. The poor are most likely to stay poor in the Southeast and the industrial Midwest.
The New York Times