20 awesomely titled trade magazines

Beef Today, Packaging World, Website Magazine, and more


Every industry is a world unto itself, with its own particular rites, rituals, and news to keep track of. That's why every industry has a trade magazine, so the members of its world can follow the latest developments. To an outsider, however, these magazines offer a tantalizing (or baffling) glimpse at the obscure corners of human endeavor. There are worlds out there you may have never even dreamed of! Here are 20 awesomely titled trade magazines to give you an idea of the worlds you're missing out on.

1. Elevator World

(Credit: Elevator World)

"The Magazine of the International Building Transportation Industry."

It's an elevator world, kid. We just stand around looking awkward in it.

2. Ink World

Credit: Ink World

Seems harmless enough, but it will leave its mark on you.

3. Packaging World

Credit: Packaging World

Comes shrink wrapped, bubble wrapped, and packed in foam peanuts for your protection.

4. Stone World

Credit: Stone World

"A source of information on stone use in architecture and interior design as well as stone production, distribution, installation, and maintenance."

A cold, hard read.

5. Automation World

Credit: Automation World

"The leading media resource for automation professionals working in discrete, batch and process manufacturing industries."

It practically reads itself.

6. Onion World

Credit: Onion World

"Covers the international onion industry with articles on planting and cultivating, diseases and pests, storage, processing, shipping, marketing, growing areas, and other related topics."

Will make you cry.

7. Coatings World

Credit: Coatings World

"The Resource for the Global Coatings Industry"


8. Materials World

Credit: Materials World

"The leading European publication specifically devoted to the engineering materials cycle, from mining and extraction, through processing and application, to recycling and recovery."

Lots of stuff in this one.

9. Beef Today

Credit: Beef Today

"The only nationwide publication that currently serves beef producers of all sizes — large and small."

Pretty well done.

10. Parking Today

Credit: Parking Today

"A magazine that focuses on all issues that deal with parking."

And they mean all the issues.

11. Pizza Today

Credit: Pizza Today

"The most powerful tool in the pizza marketing industry."

Today, tomorrow, and every day.

12. Amusement Today

Credit: Amusement Today

"Your amusement industry NEWS leader!"


13. Waste Age

Credit: Waste Age

"Serving professionals in the waste management, recycling, landfill, and garbage professions."

The age we live in.

14. Chain Store Age

Credit: Chain Store Age

"Leading publication serving retail headquarters management."

The chains we live in.

15. Convenience Store News

Credit: Convenience Store News

"Convenience store and petroleum marketing publication."

Always there when you need it.

16. Pipeliners Hall of Fame News

Credit: Pipeliners Hall of Fame News

"The magazine for pipeliners."

Much better than "Pipeliners Room of Mediocrity News."

17. Sandwich and Snack News

Credit: Sandwich and Snack News

"The official journal of the British Sandwich Association."

Never a lull in this news cycle.

18. Missouri Ruralist

Credit: Missouri Ruralist

"The leading local publication for the state of Missouri."

Most poetically euphonious title.

19. Electric Perspectives

Credit: Electric Perspectives

"The magazine for executives and managers in shareholder-owned electric utilities."

Title with best use of amphibrachic meter.

20. Website Magazine

Credit: Website Magazine

"The magazine for website success."

A magazine... printed on paper... about websites.


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