When done correctly, jumping off the stage and into a crowd of cheering fans is one of the biggest displays of rock-star triumph short of setting your guitar on fire. But as demonstrated by singer Miguel's televised accidental leg-drop on a fan during the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, stage acrobatics can be more difficult to pull off than they appear. Thanks to YouTube, artists now have footage of their embarrassing (and often painful) stage antics haunting them all over the web. Here, a look at eight of the worst failed stage dives:

1. Most likely to get sued: Miguel, for his infamous 'leg drop'
The rising R&B singer's performance at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards took a decidedly unsexy turn when the "Adorn" singer decided to leap over the crowd — and slammed one audience member's head into the stage with his leg in the process. Like a true performer, Miguel finished the song, and even offered the injured audience member an ice pack during a post-performance interview. At first, it seemed like a potential lawsuit crisis was averted, but just last week, a lawyer for leg-drop victim Khayti Shah announced that Shah may have sustained brain damage and is considering a lawsuit.

2. Worst stage-diving attire: Labrinth
Stage-diving in a suit must be rough. Take it from British singer Labrinth. It's especially rough when the crowd drops you, and the ensuing domino effect knocks "over 50 people" to the ground.

3. Best sport: Wu-Tang Clan's Method Man
Watching a famous rapper get dropped by a crowd can be embarrassing for everybody involved. But when the audience wasn't able to catch Method Man at a London show, they were quick to gamely lift him back up. To his credit, the rapper played it off well by flashing a smile, sticking his tongue out, and dancing once he got back on stage.

4. Worst form: An unnamed Green Day fan
When an over-enthusiastic Green Day fan took a running start and leaped into the crowd feet-first, the stunned audience seemed to decide that they would rather not get kicked in the face, and instead watched in awe as he fell.

5. Most painful dive of all-time: Mira Craig
The Norwegian R&B singer broke her kneecap during this unbelievably misjudged stage dive. Between the actual barking that goes on in the song and the thump that can be heard when she hits the ground, this video is likely going to haunt Mira Craig for a long time to come.

6. Worst use of theatrics: Mutemath's Darren King

This semi-failed dive wouldn't have been so bad if the dive itself had come unexpectedly, but the fact that fans dropped Mutemath drummer Darren King after he spent so much time prepping them prior to the dive makes this a bit embarrassing. (Watch the video here.)

7. Best unintentionally perfect stage banter: Dizzee Rascal
Shortly after proclaiming that he was about to give the audience "the best show we've got," the British rapper makes good on that promise by doing an accidental stage dive onto the floor.

8. Best effort: Iggy Pop
If this failed dive was done by anyone other than the godfather of punk, it would probably be more cringe-worthy. But you have to hand it to Iggy for attempting to crowd surf during a seated fundraiser performance in Carnegie Hall. Punk, indeed.