It's no secret: Hollywood knows how to make actors look great. So it's natural that we would aspire to look like our favorite movie and TV characters. In preparation for the release of Baz Luhrmann's film adaptation of The Great Gatsby this summer, Brooks Brothers has revealed its own line of menswear fit for Gatsby himself. But Brooks Brothers is hardly the first brand to take fashion cues from Hollywood productions. Here, a look at seven clothing lines inspired by movies and TV shows:

1. Brooks Brothers, The Gatsby Collection

The clothes: Preppy blazers, patterned bowties, wingtip shoes
Should you wear it? If you've got the money (and enough fancy parties to attend), this line will make you look like a true resident of West Egg.

2. Banana Republic, Mad Men Collection

The clothes: Printed dresses, classic sports coats, and many tops and bottoms with tailored silhouettes
Should you wear it? Despite being influenced by the late 1960s, the line is surprisingly modern, and many of the pieces are simply branded versions of Banana Republic staples. If you're a Banana devotee, the Mad Men Collection will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe.

3. H&M, Dragon Tattoo Collection

The clothes: Leather jackets, combat boots, dark-colored hoodies
Should you wear it? While not exactly committing a crime worthy of calling the fashion police, perhaps H&M is exaggerating a bit by calling acid-washed hoodies and graphic tees "edgy." Try not to make a whole outfit out of it. 

4. Ralph Lauren, Fall 2012 Collection (inspired by PBS' Downton Abbey)

The clothes: Modestly cut midi skirts, beaded gowns, hats, hunting plaids
Should you wear it? If you've got a thing for Downton and a passion for haute couture, then by all means.

5. Romeo and Juliet Couture for Gossip Girl

The clothes: Glitzy party dresses, city-ready outerwear, printed tops
Should you wear it? The line is fairly innocuous. Go ahead, we won't tell. XOXO

6. Opening Ceremony for Spring Breakers

The clothes: Neon bikinis, mesh pot-leaf pinnies, cartoon unicorn hoodies
Should you wear it? The clothes are made pretty much exclusively for people who have seen the movie — accessories like backpacks and friendship bracelets bear symbols and quotes from the film — so make sure you've already gotten your spraaaang break on before you buy.

7. Kohl's, Authentic Icon Collection (created for American Idol)

The clothes: American flag-printed denim, graphic tees, pinstriped pants
Should you wear it?
 Please, just don't.